Floral Embroidery Class March 2014

Students from Japan, the US and England enjoyed an opportunity to master Zita’s unique and immensely popular floral embroidery technique, creating their own designs using fresh plant material, flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit, shells and other exciting materials.

The next 2-day Floral Embroidery classes run once a month from May through to November at Zita Elze’s Design Academy in Kew. Contact us for details.

Have a look at some of the designs created this week and here is what Karen and Eriko, two of the lovely attendees, had to say:

“Zita it has been fantastic since I have been back from your course earlier in the week – it took me to a higher level in my flower skills and I am on a high – I feel I have learnt something very beautiful. And I am looking at flowers and materials in quite a different way.”

“I wanted to thank you for providing me with such a wonderful experience during my visit. I had a great time and enjoyed the class very much, and hope to use my embroidery techniques in many of my events to come… Thank you again for sharing your wonderful academy and beautiful skills, and I hope to see you again soon!”

ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl1wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl2wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl3wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl4wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl5wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl6wm ZitaElzeFloralEmbCl7wm

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