Concept and Design: Dark Matter

Exploring emotion plays a vital role in Zita Elze’s teaching and this is one of the key areas focused on in her ground-breaking Concept and Design class, taught at her London flower school, the Zita Elze Design Academy.

Life isn’t all about prettiness and light and neither is the world of flowers. From a practical point of view, a fair number of the shop’s deliveries are destined for funerals and wakes and there is also a class which addresses those particular demands. Plants themselves have their life cycle from young bud to full-blown blossom, shedding their fine petals to bear fruit and seeds, eventually fading into decay.

There is an art in floristry that can go way beyond the purely decorative, an art that can cross over into deeper creative expression, social comment even. It’s always exciting to see that drawn out in one of the classes.

Zhining Wu, one of our recent students took this concept all the way, delving into the complexities of domestic violence. Her resulting creations reflect a dark, brooding and visceral world… The pictures themselves speak volumes, grotesque yet compelling.

ZhiningWu 11ZitaElzeWZhiningWu6ZitaElzeW ZhiningWu1ZitaElzeW    ZhiningWu 3ZitaElzeW ZhiningWu 13ZitaElzeW

Find our more about Zita Elze’s classes and the Design Academy.

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