Mother’s Day Flowers

The shop is filled with the delicate scent of flowers, early blossom, exotic plants in smartly dressed pots and Astier de Villatte’s divine candles, all in anticipation of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Traditionally called Mothering Sunday, it is believed that Mother’s Day first came to be celebrated in the UK in the 16th century when it was customary to visit one’s ‘mother church’ rather than the local ‘daughter church’. Children, many of whom worked from as young as the age of 10, were given the day off to make the trip back home. On the walk back from church they would pick flowers for their mothers, thus came about the tradition of giving bouquets and other presents.

Nowadays Mother’s Day is celebrated by many communities not just the religious and is marked on different dates in various countries. The now equally important Father’s Day was first added to the calendar in the US some 100 years ago.

Special cards for Mother’s Day.

 ZitaElzeMothersDay1w_wm ZitaElzeMothersDay2w_wm ZitaElzeCandlesAdVw_wmZitaElzeMothersDayBqt2Wwm_resizeZitaElzeMothersDayBqt3Wwm_resize

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