Handmade with Flowers

We were delighted to see photographer Lucy Davenport’s beautiful pictures appear en masse in a Style Me Pretty / Little Black Book feature last week, focussed on Leanne and Ben’s exquisite wedding. So much so that we’ve picked out some favourite shots for these pages and are reposting The Dreamcatcher’s film (below) which documents the making of Leanne’s Living Embroidery Bridal Gown.

The Stipa dress was first created by Zita for the Luxury Wedding Show in London, October 2011. The skirt is hand-stitched using thousands of tiny bundles of stipa grass with a bodice adorned with hundreds of tiny roses interspersed with berries and other fresh flowers.

As well as the bride’s dress, Zita Elze designed the bridal bouquet, the groom’s buttonhole adornment and the bridesmaids’ flowers. Her signature style can also be seen in the detailed decorations for the church and reception venue.

With many thanks to Leanne and Ben.

All photographs © Lucy Davenport

See more pictures in You & Your Wedding’s feature.

Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-018_resizeLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-001W Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-022_resize(1)ZitaElzeSMPLucyDavenportCplCF_wmLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-004_resizeLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-005_resizeLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-013_resizeLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-006_resizeLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-009WLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-024WLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-051WZitaElzeLucyDavenportLV053WwmZitaElzeSMPLucyDavenportTbD2_wmLucy_Davenport_Photography_Floral_Dress-033WZitaElzeSMPLucyDavenportTbD_resize_wm

Zita Elze – The Making of A Floral Wedding Dress




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